What is the main reason for hiring the valuer and doing the process with him?

The main reason which says that the valuation process is difficult and should get perform with the valuer is that the process is itself attached with the major complexities and has the difficult steps which are really very tough to manage and perform by Valuations NSW. Award-winning Great Places Housing Group is celebrating again after being ranked as ‘one of the best clients in the UK’, according to the RIBA Journal, the official journal of The Royal Institute of British Architects, one of the most influential architectural institutions in the world.

Sydney Property Valuers was ranked 19th out of the RIBA Journal’s survey of the architectural profession’s ‘Top 50 Clients’ for aspiring to the highest possible quality of design in its development programme in Sydney. The award ranks Great Places Housing Group as the highest placed housing association. This latest recognition takes the number of awards to five for Great Places during 2006, including a Gold Building for Life Award from CABE for the large eco-homes on Selwyn Close in Oldham and a DCLG Housing Design award for Piercy Street in East Manchester.

This will make the full property valuation process to be very effective and also it will get done in the form of doing the legal and successful steps. Great Places was recognized by RIBA Journal for its commitment to good design using methods such as an in-house design champion and design guidelines to ensure that all employees in the organization and all external consultants and contractors were subscribed to this commitment.