How to Master Valuation in 6 Simple Steps

The Chinese went back right and they build their own tab and I just go instantly ran into someone yesterday who knows one of the developers one of the legions of developers that Tenzin higher they actually developers behind.


This app called we chat and it crossed a million users so I guess both sides are happy in this case but they you know this thing about the cost factor when you evaluate a piece of software right that’s why the Tencent guys when you know we can put this many body behind it you cannot agree at a price so there’s quite interesting but the basic question is you know is the software while.

leaving you guys behind in how fast you’re moving you can always share my brain clicking epic is there a lot of interesting components to that look I think a lot of clot of very successful businesses and some of that kind newer businesses that have developed rapidly there’s a very interesting link between the different categories intangible assets they’ve got so you might look at.

them and see although they valued at billion or some huge figure and they’ve hardly got any tangible assets and you’re seeing what the rest now those links can be very close so yes often there is a kind of software platform or something that’s real foundation accent assets of the business but at the same time then you get the network effect you know its that number of users and that kind of has a huge impact on the value and you can also kind of get